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Aug 17, 2020

Friends in Law is a podcast about lawyers, for lawyers.  Hello, I'm Alex Correa and over the past two (and a bit) decades, I've been incredibly fortunate to meet so many talented lawyers.  Whether it's been while supporting them as they negotiate and carefully plan out their careers, or in 'landing' that dream role, it's often against the backdrop of very full, and at times challenging personal lives.

In my role as career advisor, I've been priviledged to enter into their 'cone of silence'.  To gain insights into what motivates and drives them.  To better understand their successes, their fears and their aspirations. 

As I bring together, my Friends in Law, they will share with you 'the collective experience' of so many lawyers.  You will hear from those working in and outside of private practice, in government and corporate and learn more about what's shaped their lives and their careers.     

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