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Sep 2, 2020

In this candid conversation with Alex Correa, Nyadol Nyuon talks about the complicated conversation of racial and cultural identity, earning your place through merit and the juggle of home and work while adding in media and community commitments. She talks about failure, success and finding the courage to speak out.

Born in an Ethiopian refugee camp, the daughter of a South Sudanese freedom fighter, she was schooled in a Kenyan refugee camp. As a teenager, she was inspired by watching the work of the UNHCR and knew she wanted to be a lawyer.

So what could Hodor from Game of Thrones have to do with Nyadol’s journey as a lawyer, from refugee camp to one of Australia's most influential women?

“I’d always known that lawyers would fight for justice, I never saw myself like my Dad picking up a gun, instead for me it was picking a pen and education.”


Managing a community profile with the day job and how the firm has helped

The partners whose words and actions have made a difference

Juggling the load of motherhood, lawyer, community advocate and commentator

Where to find inspiration and where to find strength

“There have been times when I’ve thought I just want to be a lawyer, I just want to put my head down, I don’t want to be trolled online.”

“I do believe a lot of us go to law school with a core belief of justice, sometimes they lose it along the way but I think the majority of us maintain it as lawyers.”

“The rule of law doesn’t make sense without a sense of fairness or justice.”

This podcast tackles the topics of racism and social justice.  Visit Developing Talent if you are looking for fun and innovative ways to build confidence and capability around these issues of diversity and inclusion within your organisation.   

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Host: Alex Correa - Career Coach in Law

Brought to you by Alex Correa Executive  

With thanks to our guest : Nyadol Nyuon

Friends in Law is edited and engineered by Cold Ghost (aka Fletcher Babb)  Produced by Bern Young and thanks to Amelia Rees for the inspiration and nudge.