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Nov 10, 2020

Tara Hastings is a self-described sports fanatic, that is, she’s a professional spectator. So a role as Senior Counsel at Cricket Australia was in many ways a dream job.

But Tara’s career is built on variation and versatility, whether it’s in high viz at a gas plant or perusing supermarket shelves understanding the finer details of breakfast drinks. (That’ll make more sense later!)

Tara shares her career path overseas in a global business and then home again, with all the possibilities that have opened along the way.

And she’s candid about the pros and cons of working in the sports industry where everyone is passionate about the game.

“The risk is that you fall in love with the glamour of sports law. It is for the most part, just like working anywhere else.”

“For me, what I am most passionate about is being an in-house lawyer .. you have to be prepared for everything.”

“You have to continue to believe in yourself .. you’re never going to get it right all the time, no-one does.”


The UK experience and making your way home again

Finding your fit -  in-house or private practice

Developing a gut instinct 

Pros & cons of working in a field of passion like sport

Versatility and adaptability when changing industries 

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Host: Alex Correa - Career Coach in Law

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With thanks to our guest : Tara Hastings

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