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Dec 16, 2020

As a highly skilled commercial litigator and legal consultant for KWM Connexion, Sarah Frost has spent years working from home.

Her observations and insights of “the laws imposed by COVID” are not just about the workplace but career progression as well.

Sarah believes COVID has increased workplace flexibility, improved communication and productivity but firms can’t be entirely run remotely or the baristas of the world might go crazy! Why?

Sarah Frost explains as she looks at the future of work, the pressure to climb the ladder and that old favourite, networking.

“Half the battle of working flexibly was the client piece .. Now that clients have had to do it themselves, they’ve seen that it actually does work.”

“What Covid did for me was it gave me permission to actually stop connecting and stop doing, because I’m a doer.”

“I was able to take a step back from everything .. and that’s from every aspect of my life, not just work.”

“There may be a career after law - I don’t know what that will look like or when.”

“The message that was sold to me is no longer the message I accept.”


  • Insights and observations of the impact of COVID
  • Changing workplaces + changing career trajectories
  • The definition of success
  • Opportunities from trusted networks 
  • Billable targets and client expectations 

This podcast tackles the topic of flexible working.  Visit Developing Talent if you are looking for fun and innovative ways to build confidence and capability around these issues of diversity and inclusion within your organisation.   

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Host: Alex Correa - Career Coach in Law

Brought to you by Alex Correa Executive  

With thanks to our guest : Sarah Frost

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