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Jun 24, 2021

Do you remember when lawyers didn’t even have computers at their desks?

The opportunity for robotics and automation and how that will impact the future of work is an issue across all industries, including the law.

Alister Fitzgerald, CEO and founder of Field, is at the forefront, providing a digital platform that is already reshaping legal work within the property industry.

But can technology reduce the all-consuming nature of being a lawyer and make for a more sustainable, enjoyable career? 


“I'm very interested in technology and how it can change the way things operate for the better. I'm a systems person, and not in the sense necessarily of the micro level, but I like things that should connect to work better.”

“I don’t think everyone needs to know how to be an expert software developer but the threshold to learn to do some simple coding isn't that high. And I think they're probably skills that are useful, if only to have an understanding and empathy for people who are going to be very relevant in the profession.”

“(By 2050) I can't imagine lawyers doing what lawyers do now .. but I would hope that the thinking and the intellect and the morality of the processes that find themselves into software are directed by people with similar intelligence and application in the legal profession as they do now.”


  •     The Future of Law and automation 
  •     Legal tech, client delivery, and career fulfillment 
  •     Partnership, big law, and life outside of private practice
  •     Lawyers who are entrepreneurs        

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Host: Alex Correa - Career Coach in Law

Brought to you by Alex Correa Executive  

With thanks to our guest : Alister Fitzgerald

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